Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas.

Progress Council, No. 261


"A collection of five historical, beautiful and important degrees, now made available for continental freemasons"

When & Where


Progress Council meets three times a year (on the last Friday of March, May and November) at the Masonic Hall in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

Because of it's central location it draws members from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and the United Kingdom.


The language used within the Council is English.



Progress Council confers five degrees:

St. Lawrence the Martyr

Knight of Constantinople

Grand Tilers of Solomon

Red Cross of Babylon

Grand High Priest


Membership of Progress Council is available for Master Masons, who already received the additional degrees of Mark Master Mason and Royal Arch Companion.



We invite you to contact the Council's secretary if you have any questions on visiting our council, or if you would like to receive information about becoming a member.


The secretary can best be reached by e-mail at:



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